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Course Description

How this online course will work and the benefits for you

Great relationships and great results for you will come through having great communication skills. And this material comes from our successes working with both the private and public sectors over the last 15 years. 

How this course will help you to learn

This online course is divided into simple easy to follow modules, which will provide you with the information, the thinking skills and the practical tools that you will need to be an exceptional communicator in your workplace and also in your personal life.

As you read the material and watch the videos, there will also be quizzes and interactive parts for you to take part in, self-reflection questions for you to consider and situations for you to work through to help you to practise putting what you learn into context as you go.

There is also an accompanying handbook for you to fill in and refer to, to help support and develop you further. We highly recommend you filing this in either online or printing it off in written form, to help you to fully engage with and benefit from the material.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits that you can look forward to in your role at work and all in your life through improving your communication knowledge, and applying the skills that you will learn in this course.

  1. You will save a lot of time and hassle that can come from misunderstandings
  2. Increased professionalism and effectiveness of your customer service team
  3. You will be able to build great trust and rapport with other people
  4. You can both resolve and prevent a lot of common problems
  5. You can increase engagement and motivation at work for both yourself and your people
  6. You can create much better relationships with both your colleagues and your clients and customers
  7. You can both provide and clarity and direction in what you are doing and where you are going