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Stress Success: Stress Management

This course will allow you to feel confident and capable with a knowledge of what stress is, how it manifests in your life and most importantly, how you can deal with it well and make it work for you. It is designed to empower you by helping you identify where stress may exist in your life and the negative effects it may be having on your daily life.


Kataholos Online Course: Wholistic Health

This course has been designed to help all aspects of your health by showing you how to nourish yourself in your body, mind, spirit, emotional and digital health. This course will help you explore ways to combine to create incredible results for you to enrich your life!


Exceptional Communication Skills

This public speaking skills e-learning course will provide strategies required to plan, prepare and deliver powerful public speaking engagements across a variety of face-to-face scenarios. Keep people engaged and interested by saying what needs to be said in the way that best represents your true self and personality.


How to Use 3D Goal Setting and Stay Motivated